picaxe.picaxe (class)

class picaxe.picaxe(log, settings=False, pathToSettingsFile=False)[source]

work with the Flickr API to upload images, sort images, generate MD image reference links etc

Key Arguments:
  • log – logger
  • settings – the settings dictionary
  • pathToSettingsFile – path to the settings file
__init__(log, settings=False, pathToSettingsFile=False)[source]


__init__(log[, settings, pathToSettingsFile])
authenticate() setup a Flickr API key to access a Flickr user account so picaxe can work on private images
get_photo_metadata(url) get useful image metadata for the image found at a give Flickr share URL
list_album_titles() list all of the albums (photosets) in the Flickr account
md(url[, width]) generate a multimarkdown image link viewable anywhere (no sign-in needed for private photos)
upload(imagePath[, title, private, tags, ...]) upload